City Dev Labs - Web solutions from early concepting to implementation

City Dev Labs

City Dev Labs is a technology house and digital business expert with its core in programming.

City Dev Labs was founded in 1995 ( Former W3 Group Finland). We are an experienced vendor for a variety of digital solutions, building customer-specific tailored web services, websites and awesome online experiences for users. City Dev Labs is a trusted partner of both public and private sector organisations and companies, with a team of design thinkers, visualists, superstar developers along with smooth lean development process.

We create kick-ass web solutions from early concept to the technical implementation.

Our deliveries include numerous web systems, websites, online shops, databases, and integrations with back-end systems. Digitalisation requires LEAN methods to build and measure new products. We continuously use
lean startup "build - measure - learn" -loop to transform ideas into successful businesses and hype!

Technologies we use; Javascript, Typescript, Node.j, Loopback, React, React Native, AngularJS/Angular, PHP, Symfony, SQL, MariaDB, Postgres, Mobile, Ionic 2, WordPress, Agile, Linux, Git, Integrations and architecture.
City Dev Lab employs circa 25 people in Helsinki, Kerava and Pori.

Our aim is to continue profitable growth in Finland,
while simultaneously strengthening our presence globally. City Cev Labs is part of City Family -group.

For more information: City Dev Labs, Business Manager Heikki Pelkkikangas tel. +358 40 500 2772

Supporting Resources

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